How to THRIVE, not just survive, through life-altering health issues...
Even if you think you'll never have a normal life again.

Thriving Beyond Your Health Issues: 5 Keys to Releasing Dis-Ease.
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This is for,
anyone who...
- Wants to take back control of their health and wellness 
- Wants to overcome debilitating health issues

- Feels they're overweight, out of shape, has adopted unhealthy habits, and may be headed for ill health or dis-ease

- No longer believes they can live a life of passion and purpose on their own terms.

Jonathan Fischer
Certified Hypnotherapist and Coach
NLP Trainer
Hypnosis Content Creator for Mindifi Apps
What You'll Discover On This Free Masterclass
Secret #1
The Game Plan both my clients and I are using to take control of our current and future health.
Secret #2
How to work with doctors within the medical model, creating a kind of partnership with them, so you can have a more powerful voice in your own care and make a greater impact on your health outcome.
Secret #3
How you can begin addressing the underlying emotions, beliefs, and negative programming toward your health issues at the deepest levels where all true change happens.
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